Luke Spiller of The Struts


1. How did your early exposure to Gospel music shape your image and sound?
In more ways than I can properly realize or remember. I guess one of the stand out examples is the interaction between the music and it’s audience. Music is a spiritual thing. It connects with you other people on a completely different level.


2.  As you started singing later in life, did you ever have any formal vocal training, or were you more or less self- taught?
I’m self taught. I’d like to think I’ve come along way since screaming into the mirror.
I was always more interested in moving to the music. So it took me a while to find my voice.


3.  What music were you listening to when you and Slack started writing songs together?  Did you open each other up to different influences?
I was listening to a huge amount of things.
Rolling stones. Seekers. Abba. Meat loaf. And a huge amount of Beatles. To be honest unless your 40+ I don’t tend to be introduced to anything I have not heard. ( in the eras that I love) but adam was discovering a lot of new things and it was great to introduce him to some great new music.


4.  What is it like going from small club gigs to opening for the Stones, being handpicked by Motley Crue, and playing the Isle of Wright Festival?  Do you prefer the big arena shows or would you rather be playing in smaller clubs?
I’m sure my answer will change over time
But at the moment I’m really enjoying 2000 cap sized venues. It’s big enough to have a great buzz and small enough to still see into people’s eyes.


5.  How important and closely related are fashion and music?  What was it like to be outfitted by Zandra Rhodes, who previously worked with Freddie Mercury and Brian May?
It’s very important, we’ll to me anyway.
I take pride in my appearance on stage and always try to make each show an occasion.
Working with Zandra was a great honor and I also learned a great deal from hear.


6.  Does a lot of pressure come with the comparisons to Freddie Mercury and Mick Jagger? Who would you compare yourself to?
Yes it does sometimes if I think about it too much. But then I remember I could be gone this time next year so I just get on with it and enjoy myself. But yeh I wear my influences on my sleeve so what can I expect.



7.  How important is a live show in becoming a successful band?  What makes a good live performance?  What do you tend to focus on while playing live?
I guess it’s as important as great songs.
A great live performance  (For me) Is an artist or band that puts their body and mind on the line for his or hers audience. It’s about exposing yourself. Nothing being left to hide or left for the imagination.
I tend to focus on myself and the audience the most, I can’t help it. I’m always thinking “cmon you can do better than this”


8. Have you found a lot of contrast in audience response between your UK shows and shows in the USA? 
It’s hard to say. One country has played us extensively on the radio and one has not even played us. So with that in mind, the audiences are coming with the same enthusiasm, just a different number of people.


9.  How has it been playing famous venues that you grew up reading about, such as the Troubadour in Los Angles?
It’s been a huge honour. This year alone has been one of the best ones of my life, it’s crazy.


10.  What was your favorite place to record while making the album?  Did the different locations have any influence on the way the record sounds?
There was a studio in Grenada (south of spain) which was very inspiring. It was fantastic.
Yeh it did. Lots of different flavours make a great meal.


11.  Do you have a bucket list of other artists you would love to play with?
The rolling stones again.
Oh and I want to sing for queen once.


12.  What current bands inspire you to push yourself and your performance?   What current music do you enjoy listening to?  What are the last couple of albums you purchased that were by a band other than yours?
Hmm I’m not really inspired by alot of new bands. I guess I’m still in love with the vaccines from the UK. I love brandi Carlile and temples. I’m always trying to discover new things though everyday


13.  What’s next for The Struts?
Touring lots and writing a fantastic second album. I can’t wait x