Aerosmith Announce Initial “Farewell” Tour Dates


Aerosmith Announce Initial “Farewell” Tour Dates

–Joe Lund

Aerosmith is hitting the European concert circuit next spring as part of what’s being billed as the band’s farewell tour. The 17-city “Aero-Vederci Baby!” tour gets underway on May 17 in Tel Aviv, Israel, and wraps up July 5 in Zurich, Switzerland. No American dates have been announced, but it’s widely expected that a stateside tour will be staged following the European trek.

As reported by Billboard, talk about a farewell tour has been swirling in the Aerosmith camp for some time. “We all know our age is creeping up on us, but we’ve tried to follow the lead of the original blues guys and the early rockers and just keep playing ‘til we drop,” said Joe Perry, speaking earlier this year. “We all have different feelings about it. I do have a feeling that there’ll be a tour that we’ll call the final tour — but when will it end? That I can’t say.”


Perry’s bandmate Brad Whitford says Aerosmith’s “farewell” tour might in fact be a multi-year undertaking. “We keep talking about what we may call a farewell tour, but based on the KISS approach, that could go on for three to five years,” he said. “We are seriously looking at that, just based on our age and everything.”

Aerosmith recently completed a series of sold-out performances in South America. In prepared statements, both Perry and frontman Steven Tyler expressed excitement about the tenor of the South American shows. “We were running on all cylinders and I can see no reason to let up now,” said Perry. Tyler concurred: “The band is unstoppable right now, and in Europe we’re going to keep doing what we do best,” he said. “Let the Music Do the Talking … Living on the Edge, and living to rock another day.”

Prior to coming together for the South American dates, Tyler, Perry, and other Aerosmith members busied themselves with several high-profile side projects. Tyler recorded a country-flavored album, and Perry joined the “supergroup” the Hollywood Vampires for an album and a tour.

While details of Aerosmith’s farewell remain vague, Perry’s desire for an extended “good-bye” gives fans reason to be encouraged. “I would like to do a tour where we really play every place that w’’ve ever played, and maybe some places we never played,” he says. “And just on that premise, [I would like to] go out and have it be like we did it in the ‘80s, when we would be out for a long time and really gain a lot of momentum.” For additional information, including a schedule of tour dates, visit the official Aerosmith website.