The Beatles’ “White Album” to Receive Expanded Reissue Treatment


The Beatles’ “White Album” to Receive Expanded Reissue Treatment

–Joe Lund

Fresh off his work on the 50th anniversary Sgt. Pepper’s reissues, producer Giles Martin is looking ahead to the next Beatles-related project. As reported by Ultimate Classic Rock, the focus this time will be on the Fab Four’s 1968 self-titled opus, commonly known as the White Album. Sifting through and organizing the material will be a daunting task, admits Martin.

“The White Album, which is the next release–that is where they started becoming indulgent,” he recently told the BBC’s Radio 6. “There are 70 takes of ‘Sexy Sadie,’ for instance. The efficiency went slightly out the window. There’s a lot of stuff. So, it’s getting the balance right.”

Nonetheless, Martin says exposing the “behind-the-scenes” work that went into crafting the album will provide enlightenment for listeners.

“It’s really trying to sort of humanize it in some way,” he said. “That gives you added respect. We’ve convinced ourselves that singers don’t really sing, and producers do it–or it’s all done with buttons and faders. But, really, it’s down to them performing in the studio.”

Martin went on to say he’s always mindful of future generations of Beatles fans. “My motivation, when I tell my kids or grandkids about this album that changed the face of pop music, [is that] you want them to put it on a go, ‘Yeah, I get it!’ rather than, ‘This sounds a bit old,’” he said.