Bill Ward Selling Historic Career-Spanning Gear


Black Sabbath Drummer Bill Ward Selling Historic Career-Spanning Gear

–Russell Hall

Original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward has launched an online store at where he’s selling more than 200 used gear items. Some of the equipment was used by Ward in the studio, and some was used in live performance. Historic memorabilia from Ward’s collection is available for purchase as well.

As official statement regarding the sale reads:

“Key among the offerings in this shop are pieces of gear Ward used during his early heyday, when he was setting the template for metal drumming with his unique jazz inflections.

“You can find his first set of Super Zyn cymbals that he used on tour between 1968 and 1971 and on recordings from that era, like “War Pigs” and others. He’s also parting with a set of Zildjians that he played with from 1971 through 1978.

“On the hardware front, there’s Ward’s Ludwig Speedking Kick Drum pedal used throughout the 70s. You’ll also find a custom, resonant bass drum head hand–painted with a bat and the word ‘black’ that Ward employed on the Sabbath Bloody Sabbath tour in 1973.”

All told, more than 150 drum heads were available as of the June 28 launch. Through the years, Ward habitually signed and dated the heads to reflect the tours and the recordings on which they were used. He did the same with his drumsticks, a trove of which are also available for purchase.

As noted by Ultimate Classic Rock, one of the items sure to draw attention is a seven-piece 2003 maple Ludwig Black Oyster Pearl drum set, given to Ward years ago as a birthday gift. “All the tonal qualities [on this set] are really good,” says Ward. “The tom sounds on it are just amazing. Whoever gets this, it’s probably going to last them a long, long time.”

Ward has made it clear he would prefer to see the equipment put to actual use, as opposed to being displayed as museum pieces. “Whoever gets this gear will get good karma,” he said. “I really hope the new owners will be able to feel the energy of it. Of course, I’m going to miss all of the gear – there’s some really nice history here – but if these items are going to drummers who will use them, then that warms my heart.”

Click here to watch a video of Ward offering details about many of the items for sale.