CRX – Artist Spotlight


CRX – Artist Spotlight

-Brian Furman

CRX is the brainchild of Nick Valensi, the wonderfully talented guitarist of the multiplatinum band,  The Strokes. CRX recently released their first full length album New Skin earlier in 2016, and have found a following behind their first single “Ways to Fake It”. The band became something of a passion project for Valensi as he wrote CRX songs in private waiting for the prime moment to jump. Some recent down time with The Strokes, as well as a itch to get back on the road to play in front of a crowd pushed Valensi to gather some friends, and prominent LA musicians, record the songs, and tour smaller venues across the U.S. With production duties falling to Queens of the Stone Age mastermind, Josh Homme, the record has a definite new wave, power-pop sound with Homme’s magic sprinkled throughout.

CRX is currently on tour