Dave Davies Shoots Down Kinks Reunion Talk


Dave Davies Shoots Down Kinks Reunion Talk

–Joe Lund

Kinks co-founder Dave Davies has dismissed recent talk of a forthcoming Kinks reunion. Over the weekend, Davies’ brother, Ray, was widely quoted as saying the band “could play” the U.K.’s 2017 Glastonbury music festival. The reports originated with the London’s The Sun tabloid, which asserted that Ray Davies told them:  “Dave and I will definitely work together again. And we want to play live.” The elder Davies was then said to add, “Maybe the Kinks could play Glastonbury.”ray_dave_

Alas, Dave Davies wasted no time refuting The Sun’s story. “ME AND RAY have not spoken about Kinks shows at all — although we’re TRYING TO WORK TOGETHER ON OTHER STUFF and have worked on music together,” wrote Dave Davies, in a Facebook post. “In the meantime we both have albums finished. My album Open Road I did with my son Russ comes out in 2017.”

On a positive note, if Open Road matches the superb quality of Dave Davie’s last album, 2014’s Rippin’ Up Time, that will be reason enough for Kinks fans to celebrate.