Dave Grohl Talks Details About Foo Fighters’ “Run” Video


Dave Grohl Talks Details About Foo Fighters’ “Run” Video

–Russell Hall

Social media has been buzzing lately about the Foo Fighters’ video for their new single, “Run.” Set in a senior-care facility, the video features frontman Dave Grohl and his bandmates in the guise of elderly men, performing for residents of the retirement home. Grohl spoke with L.A.’s “Beats 1” radio about the concept for the video.

“[The idea] began with [drummer] Taylor [Hawkins] saying, ‘We’re getting old. What are we going to do about promo photos …?’” explained Grohl. “Taylor said in our next video we should be 100 years old, thrashing to this song. I laughed about it and was like, ‘What if we ended up in this senior citizen’s home?’”

Grohl went away and worked up a “film treatment” for the concept, centered on the idea that the song would inspire a riot of sorts among the residents. “Everyone thought it was funny,” said Grohl, “so we sent it to our producers who did ‘Sound City’ and ‘Sonic Highways’ and they came back with the reality of prosthetics and the budget and how we were going to pull it off. It became a crazy melee … pulling off the craziest fiasco ever.”

Viewers of a certain age will note that the “Run” video concludes with a dance segment that’s reminiscent of a certain famous video from the ‘80s. That’s especially fitting, given that the person who was in charge of prosthetics and make-up was involved in that same ‘80s classic video. “[His name] is Tony,” said Grohl. “He was in the [Michael Jackson] ‘Thriller’ video. He’s the dude whose arm falls off.”