Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, to Perform at “Classic” Festivals


Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, and Others to Perform at Inaugural “Classic” Festivals

–Joe Lund

The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac are among the six artists who’ve been announced to play the inaugural Classic East and Classic West festivals this summer. The lineup also includes Steely Dan, the Doobie Brothers, Journey, and Earth, Wind & Fire.

The Classic West festival will take place on July 15 and 16 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. Taking the stage the first night will be the Eagles, Steely Dan, and the Doobie Brothers. The following night will feature Fleetwood Mac, Journey, and Earth, Wind & Fire.

The Classic East festival is set for two weeks later, at Citi Field in New York. The shows will be staged on Jul 29 and 30, with performances and scheduling adhering to the same format as the Classic West festival.

The Eagles announcement is especially noteworthy. With the exception of a tribute performance staged in memory of Glenn Frey at last year’s Grammy Awards, it will be the band’s first performance since Frey’s passing.

As reported by Teamrock, Don Henley had originally cast doubt on the possibility of future Eagles shows. “I don’t see how we could go out and play without the guy who started the band,” he said. However, longtime Eagles manager Irving Azoff countered with an earlier quote from Henley. “I think Henley was the guy that came up with the words ‘when Hell freezes over,’” said Azoff. “If Hell can freeze over, pigs can fly – I’d never say never.”