Fleet Foxes Tease New Album Details


Fleet Foxes Tease New Album Details

–Joe Lund

Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Pecknold has issued tantalizing details about material that’s in the pipeline. Just prior to Christmas day, Pecknold posted a screenshot of the Seattle group’s back catalog from his iTunes library. Included in the screenshot was the title and artwork for an album called Ylajali – presumed to be Fleet Foxes’ forthcoming third album. The post has since been removed, but not before a Reddit user provided some insight:

“Ylajali is a fictional woman in Knut Hamsun’s novel Hunger from 1890. The protagonist sees a woman on the street early in the novel. He decides to follow her and scare her and he imagines her name is Ylajali. Later, it is sometimes unclear what is dream and what is reality in scenes where Ylajali is involved.”

As reported by Stereogum, the cover art for the album appears to be a photograph by Japanese photographer Hiroshi Hamaya, with the Nonesuch Records label logo visible in the bottom corner. Pecknold has not confirmed these details, but he has made it clear that two Fleet Foxes albums are in the works, along with his new solo album. “LP4 not written at all,” he revealed, in an Instagram post. “Everything has gone into LP3, but a solo album is pretty [much] written and [we] will be working on four as soon as three is done.”

Pecknold went on to say that his solo venture will be “so casual” and that he’s “not trying to stir the pot with that at all.” Meanwhile, Fleet Foxes have begun putting together what promises to be an ambitious tour for 2017. The band’s last album, Helplessness Blues, was released in May 2011.