‘Hard Lovin’ Woman’ Juliette Lewis Documentary


Actors who launch music careers out of nowhere tend to be met with their fair share of contempt, but for Juliette Lewis, rock n’ roll has always come first and as the subject of the new documentary short, Hard Lovin’ Woman, she outlines exactly why she deserves to be taken seriously.

Lewis, best known for her film roles in Natural Born Killers, From Dusk Till Dawn and Cape Fear—for which she netted an Oscar nomination at age 18—recently appeared at New York’s Tribeca Film Festival to premiere the film recounting her transition from screen to stage, beginning in the early aughts with the punk leanings of her original band, the Licks, and eventually shifting toward her more bluesy efforts as a solo artist.  Distilling hours of concert footage and interviews—including a lengthy sit-down with Dave Grohl, who played drums on the Licks’ 2006 album, Four on the Floor—into a brisk 28 minutes sounds like daunting work, but Lewis’ friend and fellow actor Michael Rapaport is up to the task, having previously demonstrated his own chops as a documentarian with 2011’s Beats, Rhymes & Life:  The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest.  And if you believe the hype, the result is a well-rounded portrait of an artist whose spirit is captured with an almost shocking degree of authenticity.

“I gave it up to [Rapaport] because I know he’s so good at finding the truth in different elements and subjects he’s working with, and it’s not salacious or exploitive,” Lewis recently told Entertainment Weekly.  “I feel like this is a nice representation of me and where I’m at right now.”

The rock doc also signals a new beginning of sorts for Lewis’ musical endeavors—she dropped a new song, “Hello Hero”, earlier this month and is currently touring Europe through May 7with a new band that includes Rage Against the Machine drummer Brad Wilk and Mars Volta bassist Juan Alderete. A new EP, cut with Florence + the Machine keyboardist Isabella Summers, is slated to be released later this year.

Hard Lovin’ Woman will be available on Red Bull TV beginning April 23.