Heart’s Ann Wilson Expresses Hope for Band’s Future


Heart’s Ann Wilson Expresses Hope for Band’s Future

–Joe Lund

Veteran rockers Heart continue to endure a rough patch, as sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson have yet to mend a falling out that resulted from a regrettable family altercation that occurred last summer. Details of the incident have been thoroughly documented elsewhere; more importantly, it now appears that the Wilson sisters have begun taking tentative steps toward resolving their differences.

Nancy sounded a conciliatory note last month, expressing confidence to Best Classic Bands that “time will heal” the rift. Ann is now offering a similar assessment. “What Nancy and I are doing right now is we’re working on our friendship and on our sisterhood,” the singer told Yahoo! Music. “The band, that’s something else again. That’ll come and go and evolve and shape. But we’ll be sisters long after everything else is gone. So we’re working on our own relationship right now … talking, letting water run under the bridge. Just cool down. Everybody chill.”

Wilson’s comments come in the midst of the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s current solo tour, which finds her performing a smattering of Heart songs in a set that also includes new original material plus covers of material by the Who, the Black Crowes, and Peter Gabriel, among others. “So far, I haven’t had anyone scream out ‘Magic Man’ or anything” she said, jokingly. With Nancy currently involved with her own side project – recording and performing with her new band, Roadcase Royale – Ann feels the stage may be set for Heart to reemerge in a freshly invigorated form.

“We’ve been sort of giving everything to [Heart] since we were in our early 20s,” she said. “That’s been the main focus of our lives. This is the first time we’ve decided to actually look away from it for a couple of minutes… I think that when and if Heart comes back together, in whatever form it comes back together in, it’ll be fresher.”