Hometown Life, Sully Erna


Sully Erna – Hometown Life

-Brian Furman

For almost 20 years Sully Erna has been the enigmatic, bullish, demon of a frontman presence for powerhouse rock behemoth Godsmack. By night, he moonlights as a singer / songwriter with a vulnerability seldom heard by a metal frontman. Metal purists may scoff at the lead singer taking a slight detour, but Erna has earned the right to do so, and has used his time wisely. Hometown Life has Erna sitting in the elder’s chair utilizing his lyrics, coupled with the music, as teaching tools, leaving little trails for others to gravitate towards.sully
.Title track, and album opener “Hometown Life” brings a beautiful, melodic, and heavy piano that follows the song til the end. “Your Own Drum” offers a latin flavor and a memorable message of individuality. “Take All of Me” is a piano driven banger with touching orchestration and pop-hook sensibility. “Turn It Up” is a bluesy, instantly grabbing, semi-showtune that instills a dance groove. “Forever My Infinity” is a heartbreaking duet, “Falling to Black” follows suit, but with a melancholy turn… and so on.

Hometown Life is Erna’s second solo record after 2010’s Avalon. And while Avalon was a good effort, Hometown Life is that much better. The record is cohesive, heartfelt, and offers listeners a chance to hear another side of Erna outside of the clang of distorted, electric, instruments. Hometown Life is set for release on September 30th via BMG Music.

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