Izzy Stradlin “Walk ‘N Song”


Izzy Stradlin“Walk ‘N Song”

-Brian Furman

Izzy Stradlin is back in a big way with the release of a new song titled “Walk ‘N Song”,This first since the 2012 single “Upside”.

Out on June 22nd, the electric single features fellow Ju Ju Hound, guitarist Rick Richards, drummer Patrick Taz Bentley, and bassist J.T. Longoria with Stradlin on guitar and lead vocals. Stradlin has 12 albums to his credit with the last the acclaimed 2010 release Wave of Heat. There have been no indications that a full length record will be following the release of “Walk ‘N Song”, but we can all hope. The song can currently be found on the streaming sites below.

izzy_pl1 izzy_pl2