Jack White Working on New Music at Mystery Location


Jack White Working on New Music at Mystery Location

–Joe Lund

Good news for Jack White fans: the ever-busy musician-songwriter is working on new material at an undisclosed rented apartment in Nashville. In an in-depth profile featured in the New Yorker, White said he’s attempting “to write songs where I can’t be heard by the next-door neighbor.” Elaborating further, he added, “I want to write like Michael Jackson would write—instead of writing parts on the instruments or humming melodies, you think of them. To do everything in my head and to do it in silence and use only one room.”

In typical unorthodox fashion, White is recording his efforts on a reel-to-reel machine he bought when he was just 14 years old, using money he earned from mowing lawns. As usual, there’s a rationale behind his approach. “Four tracks,” he said, referring to the recorder’s limitations. “With computers you can use 310 tracks if you want to, but it’s too much freedom. I always have my own rules, and I can bend them if I want. I can see the confines I’m working in, but nobody else knows I’m doing it.”

Elsewhere, White revealed that he sometimes entertains fantasies of confinement. “If I could just break my leg and be in the hospital for six weeks, what would it be like?” he said. “Something about a room and a cot and a little space.”

That “bare bones” philosophy extends to his attitude about recording. “My feeling is, if you record a take, and it’s not good enough, erase it, until you find what you love,” he said. “What people do on Pro Tools, they record fifty takes and fix it. They’re Auto-Tuning and throwing on the grid, so it’s all in time, and there’s no life left to it. We erase something, and it’s gone forever.”

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