Metallica Spearheads Massively Successful Food Drive


Photo by Jeff Yeager

Metallica Spearheads Massively Successful Food Drive

–Joe Lund

Thrash metal often gets a bad rap when it comes to issues of social responsibility and positive influence. But as Metallica recently demonstrated, that less-than-favorable reputation is undeserved. At a recent show staged in Bogota, Colombia, the veteran rockers asked more than 25,000 concert attendees to bring nonperishable goods to the event. The result? Nine tons of food was collected, a bounty that’s destined to feed scores of disadvantaged children.

As reported by RNC Radio, the food drive was initiated by a Metallica fan club, based in Colombia, called Lords of Hardwire. The food drive’s purpose was to aid to the indigenous Wayuu community in La Guajira, a region in northern Colombia. Tragically, since 2008, more than 3,000 Wayuu children have died as a result of either malnourishment or dehydration. When presented with the idea of using their November 1 concert to stage a food drive, Metallica jump at the chance.

It should be noted that the generosity of Metallica’s Colombia fans will also benefit certain animal populations. Specifically, a portion of the nonperishable goods will go to the Challenger and Furry Hearts charities—a network of 40 families who help feed abandoned animals and find them permanent homes.