Mick Rock Film Documentary Coming to Theaters, Home Video


Photographer Mick Rock Film Documentary Coming to Theaters, Home Video

–Joe Lund

Rock photographers rarely attain a status on par with the artists they shoot. One of the few who’s achieved that pinnacle, however, is Mick Rock. Best known for his glam-era work with Lou Reed, Iggy Pop and (especially) David Bowie, the British lensman has spent decades training his camera on everyone from Queen to Blondie to Motley Crue. A new documentary film—titled, fittingly, Shot!—chronicles his extraordinary life and career. Unsurprisingly, Rock dedicates the film to the memories of Bowie and Reed.

“There was something about my relationship with David and Lou that was deeply important to me,” the photographer said recently, speaking with the New York Daily News. He then described Bowie as “a sweet soul.” “[Bowie] was fun, for a start,” he said. “He was great to work with. He was a great encourager. People always ask, ‘When you shot David, did he tell you what to do?’ No, he never did. He was very good at taking directions; that’s why he did so many good movie roles. If you were going to do something together, he came to play, and the same with Lou.”

Asked about Reed’s reputation for belligerence, Rock recalled experiencing a different side of the late singer-songwriter. “He probably got that mostly from journalists, because he could be a hell of a windup,” observed Rock. “But I tell you this–if he was your friend, there was no better friend. He was one of the most important artists and he was also a really good photographer.”

With credits that include the cover of Iggy and the Stooges’ Raw Power, Queen’s Queen II, and Reed’s Transformer, Rock can lay claim so some of the most iconic album-cover images in history. Just as important, his performance shots of Bowie—along with candid Bowie moments captured for posterity–provide a historical document for the ages. “I always knew this was the life I was meant to live,” he says, adding that he savors the stealth-like aspect of his art. “I’m like a thief in the night.”

Shot! will be available from Amazon Video, OnDemand and iTunes beginning on April 7, and will premiere in select theaters on that same day. You can check out the trailer below. More information can be found at the film’s official website.