Nine Inch Nails Releases New EP Featuring Dave Grohl, Other Guests


Nine Inch Nails Releases New EP Featuring Dave Grohl, Other Guests

–Joe Lund

On Thursday (Dec. 22), Nine Inch Nails released an EP titled Not the Actual Events, just one week after announcing the disc had been recorded. The five-song set is mostly a two-man effort, featuring Trent Reznor (of course) and Reznor’s musical partner Atticus Ross. Pitching in, however, were three key guests – Dave Navarro, Mariqueen Maandig (who happens to be Reznor’s wife) and Dave Grohl.

Grohl, who plays drums on the track “The Idea of You,” has worked with Reznor previously, most notably on the 2005 NIN album, With Teeth. In the past, Reznor has been effusive in his praise for the Foo Fighter leader’s drum work.

“Working with [Grohl] has been one of the most inspiring and exciting experiences I’ve had in the studio,” Reznor said, speaking in 2005 about the Grohl’s contributions to With Teeth. “The tracks he’s played on have come alive in a ‘better-than-I’d-even-hoped-for’ type of way.” He added: “I want the excitement of when you have an exciting guy playing an instrument. It takes it up a notch.”

As noted by the L.A. Times, Not the Actual Events marks a return to the aggressive, industrial-rock style that powered Nine Inch Nails to prominence in the early ‘90s. In a press statement announcing the release, Reznor said, “It’s an unfriendly, fairly impenetrable record that we needed to make.” The EP constitutes a follow-up to 2013’s more restrained full-length album, Hesitation Marks. He and Ross have also written film-scores for several movies in recent years, including the just-released “Patriots Day” and 2010’s “The Social Network.” The duo won an Oscar for their work on the latter film.