Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr Reunite for Studio Session


Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr Reunite for Studio Session

–Russell Hall

Former Beatles bandmates Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr reunited this past weekend to work on a song for Starr’s forthcoming new album. The ex-Fab Four members were joined by Joe Walsh as well, as the musicians gathered in Starr’s home studio in Los Angeles. The session marks the first studio collaboration between McCartney and Starr since 2010, when McCartney contributed to two tracks on Ringo’s Y Not album.

Starr marked the occasion with a photo of the pair on Twitter, commenting, “Thanks for coming over and playing great bass. I love you man peace and love.”

A second photo, featuring Starr, McCartney and Walsh, included the comment: “And look Joe W. came out to play what a day I’m having peace and love.”

Details about McCartney’s contribution to the LP—which will be Ringo’s 19th studio album—have yet to be revealed. In 2015, Starr spoke with this writer about his approach to collaborating with his songwriter-friends.

“For the last three albums I’ve started out with a synthesizer, getting some rhythm patterns and establishing the key,” said Starr. “That’s the first thing I do, having no idea what the song is going to be. I find something I like and then I play drums to that. Once I’ve got that basic track, with drums, I begin thinking, ‘Okay, I’ll play this part here. This part sounds like a verse. I’ll play this other part here. It sounds like a chorus.’ I’ll do ten or eleven of those. At that point I call friends of mine, who are also writers, and offer each of them the choice of two of those tracks, to write a song to. I’ve got ideas, I’ve got verses, and sometimes I’ve just got titles. That’s how it starts. It’s a mad way of working, but it works for me.”