Radiohead Releases “Man of War” Video


Radiohead Releases “Man of War” Video

–Joe Lund

Radiohead has shared a new video for a previously unreleased song that appears on OKNOTOK, the 20th anniversary reissue of the band’s landmark 1997 album, OK Computer. Titled “Man of War,” the song was recorded during the OK Computer sessions, but for reasons that remain a mystery, the track failed to make the final cut.

Frontman Thom Yorke and drummer Phil Selway have both offered cryptic explanations for why “Man of War” was left off the original LP. “We just couldn’t do it,” Yorke told MTV. “It was all a bit weird – I mean we tried to do this old track that we had and it just wasn’t happening at all.”

Selway told Rolling Stone that “Man of War” – along with “Lift” and “I Promise,” two other previously unreleased tracks that appear on OKNOTOK – generated excitement among record label personnel during the OK Computer sessions. “And [then] we delivered an album that didn’t have them on there, even though they’d been recorded,” he said. “So I think probably, initially, we wrong-footed quite a few people.”

The video for “Man of War” is the second clip to be issued for a previously unreleased track on OKNOTOK, joining the video for “I Promise.” OKNOTOK was released on June 23.