Rolling Stones Announce Totally Stripped


Even after 50-plus years, the Rolling Stones still have some tricks up their well-worn, blues-drenched sleeves. One of the most anticipated releases in recent years, Totally Stripped picks up where 1995’s Stripped left off, featuring the iconic band revisiting many of their favorite tracks and emerging with more-intimate and reimagined takes on classic songs from their extensive catalog.

Following the Voodoo Lounge tour, Stripped, the Stones first foray into releasing reworked, pared-back takes, compiled material taken from two studio sessions in Tokyo and Lisbon, as well as a trio of live shows at small venues in London, Paris and Amsterdam. Mick Jagger described the project as “[to] take the best element from [MTV] Unplugged, the intimate thing of it, without actually doing it completely unplugged”.

And while Totally Stripped builds upon its predecessor’s legacy, this collection doesn’t disappoint. Constructed on the power of lyric and melody, the Stones material breathes anew, their timeless quality and songwriting prowess taking center stage rather than on the overwhelming production that sometimes comes with being the biggest band in the world.

Totally Stripped is the release that that Stones’  fans and music lovers alike have been waiting for, a collection that reveals not only the inner workings of the band but also the chance to connect in new ways with some of their most-beloved tracks. . Revealing, intimate and moving, Totally Stripped is unmissable.