Sweet Relief Musicians Fund


The Sweet Relief Fund is a charity that provides assistance to career musicians in times of need. There are career musicians in the world that may not be able to make ends meet when facing illness, disability, or natural age-related issues, and with many having no retirement to dip into, look to Sweet Relief for assistance. The charity has provided rock-solid assistance for musicians since 1994 with contributions and support from a wide-range of acts including The Pixies, Madonna, Aerosmith, and Eminem amongst a host of others.

The organization was born after musician Victoria Williams was diagnosed with MS in 1993 and could not afford to pay her medical expenses. That same year money was raised through various concerts and the release of the Sweet Relief: A Benefit for Victoria Williams album featuring a fine array of artists including; Lou Reed, Pearl Jam, Lucinda Williams, and Soul Asylum. From that moment on, through various events, auctions, and album releases, the organization has been able to raise a sizable amount and has helped a number of musicians through the toughest times of their lives.

The charity offers a varied and diverse way to donate through the Music Cancer Fund, designated individual assistance funds, as well as through the purchase of their various album releases. Sweet Relief has recently partnered with Reverbnation through their platform Music For Good. The organization allows musicians to sell songs directly to fans with half the proceeds of the sale going to a charity of their choice. Check out both the Sweet Relief homepage at http://sweetrelief.org/, as well as Music For Good, at http://sweetrelief.org/get-involved/4164-2/ for more information on events, concerts, and donations.

Brian Furman