Tom Petersson Rock Your Speech


Tom Petersson is a bona fide rock star, and is a founding member and bass player for the 2016 Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame inductees, Cheap Trick. What most don’t know is that he is also the founder of Rock Your Speech a music project organized with his wife Allison, and inspired by their 7 year old son Liam. Liam is working to overcome a speech disorder associated with autism spectrum disorder. The Petersson’s have worked with Liam on many forms of intensive speech therapy, and collaborated to fuse together his speech and language lessons into their love of rock music.

The idea for Rock Your Speech is to use the right amount of words and repetition to help the children learn about language in a simple and literal way. Eventually The Petersson’s brainstorm trove of ideas led them to make lyric music videos to assist with reading skills, as well as featuring the children playing music and singing along with other students and adults.

Congresswoman Gabby Gifford’s therapist, Meagan Morrow, is a key advisor on the project with many Doctors, Speech Pathologists, and Musicians providing support for the cause as well. Visit the Rock Your Speech website to learn more about the program, buy some cool swag, or listen to new music.


Brian Furman