Tool “90% there” with Songs for New Studio Album


Tool “90% there” with Songs for New Studio Album

–Joe Lund

Eleven years have passed since Tool last released a studio album, but it appears the dry spell may end soon. Speaking recently on the podcast, “MetalSucks,” bassist Justin Chancellor provided an update.

“It really is an evolving thing,” he said. “Being out the last couple of weeks on the road and playing together this year, we’ve really kind of hit a new level, I would say.”

“We’re about 90-percent there,” he continued. “It’s been like a crazy science project, kind of like a petri dish. We’ve just been really picky over what we want to put on this new album, and really want to come up with something completely unique. Plus, we have endless amounts of material to sift through. So it’s just been a process — a little different from last time.”

Notwithstanding the optimistic tone, Tool has given broad hints that a new album isn’t likely to drop in 2017. Still, the band is known for recording quickly once they settle into their L.A.-based studio, so who knows? We’ll keep an ear to the ground and offer updates as any news unfolds.