Countach, Shooter Jennings


There are artists that just don’t exist in the same universe as most of us. They live and create on some astral plane just beyond our field of vision. Shooter Jennings is one of those artists, an outlaw in the truest artistic sense of the word.

“Countach (For Giorgio)” sees Shooter Jennings crossing boundaries and mashing styles that on paper just shouldn’t work, but he somehow manages to create an electronic pop disco soundtrack, with country tinges throughout, for an imaginary futuristic western. No surprise as the album is a tribute to 70’s producer Giorgio Moroder.

Guest vocal spots include Marilyn Manson on a great rendition of Bowie’s “Cat People”, country great Steve Young on “Born To Die” and Brandi Carlile on the dance inspired “Never-ending Story.” Ambient, infectious and at times somewhat unsettling, “Countach (For Giorgio)” is a welcome departure and fun respite from the current musical landscape…

-Scarlet Rowe / bassist for “Smash Fashion”