Perfectamundo, Billy Gibbons


You have to admire ZZ Top guitar icon Billy Gibbons’ penchant for keeping one foot steeped firmly in tradition, and the other always moving in the modern world. Yes, he always reeks of the blues, yet on “Perfectamundo” he avoids (as he always does) any traditional backdating. Instead, like some sonic Svengali, he manages to manipulate a musical palette that is equal parts garage, dance and soul…all soaked in wicked Texas mojo.

The album, including interpretations of Roy Head’s “Treat Her Right” and Slim Harpo’s “Got Love If You Want It”, is laced throughout with infectious tribal rhythms and sprinkled with sensual Latin tinges. There is even a wicked visit into modern R&B territory with “You’re What’s Happenin’ Baby” that shows The Reverend eschewing the Texas landscape for a deep urban groove and hip-hop flavour. There are records that just ooze vibe, groove and sexiness; ones that instantly lessen your inhibitions and make you move.This is one of those records.

Billy Gibbons has mastered the art of seamlessly blending genres and cultures. So much so that I can easily hear “Perfectamundo” being played at full volume in a dark and evil desert cantina or some high end discotheque on The Riviera, and that is no small feat.

-Scarlet Rowe / bassist for “Smash Fashion”