Everybody Wants, The Struts


It’s a shame really that rock and roll, for quite some time now, has been neatly produced and packaged for mainstream consumption. However slick the The Struts’ “Everybody Wants Some” may appear on the surface, it cannot contain the bombast within. The label should read: “Expertly crafted, explosive new generation rock with a lingering taste and influence of Queen and Sweet.”

Lead vocalist and song writer Luke Spiller is a bonafide star in the making, a huge presence with more than a nod to the late great Freddie Mercury, and the band itself provides the massive arena pop backdrop to match his presence and voice. In fact, it’s a perfect balance throughout an album where each track has hit single potential.

Everything about this band…the glam rock/ pop sensibility, the powerful delivery, and Spiller’s undeniable voice and persona…

just spells H-U-G-E.

-Scarlet Rowe / bassist for “Smash Fashion”


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