Undoubtedly one of America’s finest musical contributions, Cheap Trick ironically, and unlike rock and roll in general, has never suffered from an identity crisis. The fab four from Rockford’s newest effort (and the first to feature drummer extraordinaire Daxx Nieslen), not only see’s them effortlessly delivering their perfectly crafted signature sonic style, but in a true return to form.

Album openers “Heart On The Line” and “No Direction Home” kick it off in classic Cheap Trick style with monster iconic guitar riffs, platinum melodic hooks, and those oh-so-killer choruses we come to know and love. The beautiful lead off single “When I Wake Up Tomorrow” bares a haunting nod to David Bowie, while “Do You Believe Me?” features the familiar schizophrenic urgency often found underlying in Cheap Trick’s material. In short, the album never waivers and never loses power.

In a genre that has suffered from trends and fads for way too long, Cheap Trick somehow manages to always sound classic and contemporay, simultaneously fresh and timeless. An American treasure for sure…

-Scarlet Rowe / bassist for “Smash Fashion”