Blues of Desperation, Joe Bonamassa


Joe Bonamassa has the equivalent of a Ph.D. in American blues. He has garnered household name status as a guitar virtuoso touring with BB King at the young age of 12, and forming super group, Black Country Communion, with Glenn Hughes and Jason Bonham. His 12th studio album Blues of Desperation continues his aggressive exploration of the American blues and rock sound with a growing epic guitar mastery

Each song offers the listener scorching and explosive guitar work, with a tight and confident backing band, starting with the rockin’’ lead single “Mountain Climbing”.  “Drive” is a reserved and toned down effort sounding eerily paralleled with Leonard Cohen. Title track “Blues of Desperation” is an enthralling, modern look at the future of blues rock. “The Valley Runs Low” is a perfect song to add to your driving mix.

For as much as Bonamassa can be dubbed the savior of the blues genre, he rocks pretty hard as well. Blues of Desperation is a tremendous record, worthy of your time and attention.