Dig In Deep,Bonnie Raitt


There is little doubt that when the slow wail of a slide guitar is in motion, Bonnie Raitt is somewhere in the vicinity. She is synonymous with American Blues and her guitar work is as recognizable as the shock of blonde racing from underneath her rolling red hair. 40+ years into hercareer and her newest release, Dig in Deep, continues to push blues into new, albeit familiar, territory.

Bonnie Raitt is incredibly effortless in her delivery; a stunning cover INXS’s of “Need You Tonight” is transformed into an, even more, sultry rendition. “I Knew” finds Raitt in familiar pop-rock territory. Gospel tinged “What You’re Doin to Me” is a sing-along barn burner.

But for all the high-energy blues, the trio of “All Alone with Something to Say”, “You Changed My Mind”, and “The Ones we Couldn’t Be” offer Raitt a chance to showcase a welcomed vulnerability that runs as a through line motif in many of her previous records, even more so with this one. These songs put a focus squarely on Raitt’s voice, which at times can rival her guitar.

Bonnie Raitt is often over-looked in our age of imitation for those vying for her iconic guitar sound. Dig In Deep is fresh and inviting, confident, vulnerable, and comfortable with many layers, requiring many listens.

Brian Furman