Vinyl Soundtrack HBO


The 1970’s was a glitter coated glamourous era, fueled by excess, sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. It was a fantasy world filled with a revolving cast of questionable and colourful characters living out a surreal existence that seemed just too over the top and too bizarre to be true…but true it was. Martin Scorcese and Mick Jagger’s new HBO series “Vinyl” has managed to capture that fantasy world, and whether it is accurate or not is moot. What matters is that the dream, or nightmare depending on your point of view, is intact in all it’s wicked glory.

The “Vinyl Soundtrack” reflects all that and more. Free of the visual trappings, the soundtrack captures the sexy and dark underbelly, the uncontainable angst, the illicit powdered anxiety and skin crawling urgency of the period without having to resort to purist accuracy. Modern and surprisingly solid reinterpretations of period classics like “White Light, White Heat” by Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas, “Watch Your Step” by Dan Aurbachs’ “The Arcs, Allison Mossharts,” “My Time’s Coming,” and “The World Is Yours” by Vintage Trouble’s Ty Taylor are all delivered with excellence and attitude. Meanwhile, new standouts like Kaleo’s furious “No Good” and “Sugar Daddy” by Sturghill Simpson are proof positive that all great music didn’t die with “The Me Decade.”

An intense period of creative nuclear bursts, the 1970’s saw musical boundaries not just being broken, but exploding, and much like the era it represents, this soundtrack is sonically bursting at the seems. Vinyl the series is not meant to be a documentary, but a fantasy perspective. Pop on this killer soundtrack and enjoy in that escapism…

-Scarlet Rowe / bassist for “Smash Fashion”